Dura Lube® is the premium brand for your engine. We don’t just treat the oil, we treat the engine.

Don't settle for a 2nd place additive.


For over 30 years, and millions of satisfied customers, Dura Lube® has been a dependable name in automotive chemicals. As part of your regular basic maintenance, using Dura Lube® products can help your engine run better and longer.

Engine Treatment Additives

Gas & Diesel Fuel System Cleaners

Octane & Cetane Boosters

Oil Sludge Prevention & Cleaners

Catalytic & Exhaust System Treatments

Transmission Treatments



It is essential to maintain and protect your vehicle. Dura Lube's got you covered in more ways than one. Keep your engine protected with our patented SR3 technology, creating an extra layer of surface lubrication, while preventing oil sludge and degradation.