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Dura Lube® Race Preview™

Bigger in Texas

Next up, AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on November 2nd. Ryan Blaney and Greg Biffle talk about the tough part of racing at "NO LIMITS TEXAS". Pat Patterson, The Racing Guy, keeps you up to speed with comments from some of the drivers every week of the NASCAR® season.

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Advanced formula used on all vehicles to prevent heat and friction a major cause of engine sludge.
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Fuel Treatment

Highly effective Ethanol deposit remover and possibly the strongest complete fuel system cleaners on the market.
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A better solution for replacing lost additive content over the life of the fluid.
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Industrial Grease

Preferred manufacturer choice specialized for inside key locks and handles.
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What Our Customers Say



  • I have had great success with Dura Lube in the past with various vehicles....tried it again with a 21 year old Cadillac...now the old girl purrs like new. Amazing.

    - Hertzair

  • I have been using Dura Lube Engine Treatment for 12 years in all my personal and work vehicles. I must say that I honestly think it helps against engine wear. I have one truck with over 200,000 miles, another work truck with over 300,000 miles and a couple more over 150,000 and I have had ZERO engine/oil related problems. You can tell the first time you add this to your fresh oil change as your engine operates more smoothly. It also helps cold starts. ”

    - Gabriel G.

  • Reduced oil loss completely. Engine feels more powerful when overtaking. I can recommend it to anyone with a car with high mileage. ”

    - Ian Burbeary